'ObamaCare' - US model health insurance plan in India

Image gratitude: http://www.rvrteam.com/

'ObamaCare' is the upcoming health insurance plan adopting in India. ‘ObamaCare is a health insurance policy running in US. Now India will also adopt the same model of ‘ObamaCare ' Health Insurance plan, which give access to all income groups to join this health Insurance plan.

Health Minister (India) Harsh Vardhan clearly stated that 'ObamaCare' health Insurance plan will become World's largest health insurance policy and the planning process already started and the policy will launch soon with some great benefits to Indian people.

Harsh Vardhan also seeks support from Indian doctors working in US to make a huge success of Obama care in India. 'ObamaCare' is a simple strategy which gives average people to be a part of this Insurance plan.

ObamaCare in US clearly states that all income groups can easily join this US health Insurance Plan and provide best and quality health care including discounts through health Insurance Market place which is also known as health Insurance Exchange. The same strategy will also be followed in India to make sure that all people in India (low or middle income groups) can easily join 'ObamaCare'.


  1. It is an epic disaster waiting to happen. US has the most expensive insurance system with a third of its population without any coverage.

    Are our policymakers so blind / sold out to private corporations that they are repeating the same mistakes.

  2. I think in india.. Health insurance should be made compulsory to some extent..i coudl see the trend in the market but somewhere it needs to be made compulsory like motor insurance.

  3. This year's minimum tax of the higher figure between either $95 per adult or 1% of ones income, becomes $325 or 2% next year, becoming $695 or 2.5% the year after, with future income escalations going forward after that. In other words if you don't buy their health insurance they will make you buy it anyway.how to enroll in obamacare in person