How to make money online in Kerala

There are lot people earning decent income from many sites in Kerala. There are many sites that can used to earn money. But before that you should make sure that the site is legit and not a scam. There are many scam websites that cheat innocent people. First of all you should make sure that websites will not give money to you freely. You should work hard to earn money. Also you cannot become rich online rapidly. The popular method of earning online is through writing blogs and through advertisements. Google adsense is one of the main advertisnig affiliate program that can be used to earn money. Here are some methods to earn decent income.


This is a famous website that offers users to earn income by writing articles or blogs(In hubpages articles or blogs are known as hubs). But before starting earning in hubpages you should have a Google adsense account. To get a Google adsense account you should write some quality and traffic driving hubs. Usually people apply for adsense after writing 25 to 30 hubs. When you have enough hubs you can apply for an adsense account. In hubpages account there will be an option to apply. When Google approves your account you can start earning both from hubpages account and adsense account. If you write good quality and traffic driving contents you will get more money. The users can withdraw money from hubpages if they reach 50 dollars. Hubpages make payment through paypal account. So you should also have a paypal account. From there dollars will be converted into rupees and then it will be transferred  to your bank account.

2. www.

Blogger is also very popular among the internet users. Now a days everyone writes blogs in blogger but they don't know how to earn money from blogger. Just like hubpages we must have an adsense account to earn from blogger. But in blogger we can earn only through adsense program. Write good quality blogs and make sure your blogs are being visited by many people. When  more people visits your site more money will be received.  Not only from adsense affiliate program you can also make money from other advertisement programs like chitika, adbrite, infolinks, Kontera etc.


Most of th epeople thinks that youtube is a website that can be used only to view and upload videos but that is wrong. You can make oney from youtube if you have an adsense account. You can link your youtube account with adsense account and start earning. When you upload a video in youtube you will have the option to monetize your videos. When more people view your video or clicked the advertisements in that video then you can earn money from it. There are lot of people making money from youtube in Kerala.


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